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Use the benefits of Augmented Reality and exhibit your product in a new way

Wide range usage

From commerce to education even trough the construction industry the augmented reality provides the most innovative illustration solution

Development of ready-made solutions

We create your augmented reality solution based on your expectations from A-Z

Wide device support

The application can be run on most of the modern devices

What is augmented reality?

The Augmented reality is a type of digital visualisation which allows to extend the real environment with digital contents.

This technology only requires a device with right hardware and with a camera. This device can be a smartphone or a tablet or special glasses developed for AR.

Using these device the users are able to project different virtual objects into the real environment through the camera’s live view.

The technology’s popularity comes from its simplicity, because the usage can be learned within seconds.


Possible uses:

Our product


– fun way of learning –

Augmented Reality in education

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What our customers say

Topi-Pekka Kuusjärvi

4th grade and Biology teacher

”I consider myself as a traditional teacher, because I do not allow phone usage on class. But now that I saw your idea, I would definitely use the application, and allow kids to use their phone for this. I really like this innovation, and I hope you will become a company ASAP!“

”Your idea is really innovative. I would like to see it on mixed reality devices also, where you could design a whole classroom in AR.”

Mikko-Pekka Niemistö

7th – 9th grade teacher

“Breath-taking! You are awesome, we are waiting for the updates. The windmill and the hearth is my favorite.”

Google Play Store comment

”I would use it on my class also. Although for the first few time it will be different, but in a good way.”

Altti Ala-Korpi — 

7th – 9th grade teacher

Our partners

Who we are?

our team


IT engineer student. He created his first website as an 8-year-old and started programming in Pascal at the age of 12. He is always looking for innovation opportunities and is the lead developer of the team.


Student at János Neumann University in Kecskemét, studying IT engineering, industrial computer science. He continued his studies in Denmark in fall 2017

Székely Krisztián



He studied International Business and finance in Kecskemét and Chile. He has been working in the banking industry for three years, so he is the person in charge when it comes to money. Very open-minded and excited to get to know new approaches and ideas.


She is convinced that a lot of innovative plans are failing because of how they are served. She finds it important for something not only to be technologically new but also user-friendly. Her dream was to be able to say in the near future that she is a young entrepreneur.


He is studying IT engineering. In addition to his studies, he works as a webdesigner trainee for a company in Kecskemét. Most of his free time is made up of the creative activities of photography and videography.


He is experienced in coding RESTful and SOAP web services, and his goal is to learn new and popular technologies.


Software developer, currently studying at John von Neumann University, as an IT engineer freshman. He is developing for 5 years now, and he uses 10 programing language comfortably, open for new opportunities.

Vogyák Kristóf



He made his first virtual model in primary school at the age of 12, using Google SketchUp. This number has increased to hundreds since then. Mechanical engineering student at the Technical College of Subotica.

Bicskei Károly

3D content maker


He started 3D modeling in high school and he still developing his knowledge. He has now mastered the use of several design software and created a lot of complicated models and installations.

Juhász Csaba

3D content maker

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Adress: Kecskemét

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